Name & Position Contact Info
James  Hodgkin
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Andrew  Carlton
Asst. Superintendent / Curriculum
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Scott   Eldridge
Business Manager
375-4273  Ext:178
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Jill  Hastings
Director Of Special Education
375-4273  Ext:171
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Glen  Reynolds
Director of Buildings, Grounds & Transportation
375-4273  Ext:179
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Norma-Jean  Audet
Technology Coordinator
375-4950  Ext:393
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Michelle  O`Connell
Administravite Assistant to Superintendent
375-4273  Ext:172
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Jessica  Coulombe
Payroll Specialist
375-4273  Ext:175
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Shannon  Beaule
Accounts Payable Specialist
375-4273  Ext:174
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Tammy  Dupont
Special Education Secretary
375-4273  Ext:180
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