No Child Left Behind Act
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Dear Parent/Guardian/Community Member,


The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires all states, school districts, and schools to make public student achievement test scores on the M.E.A. test in the form of annual report cards to parents and communities.  It further requires us to share with the public accountability data and highly qualified teacher information.


The RSU #4 NCLB REPORT CARD is an attempt to provide relevant data to inform students, parents, and the general public as to how the school department is performing in terms of student assessments, accountability, and teacher quality as that information applies to the district as a whole and by the required NCLB subgroups, including:


  • School district/school improvement status

  • Percentage of students tested

  • Information on student achievement at each proficiency level

  • Information on how students in the district/school achieved on state academic assessment

  • The most recent 2-year trend data on student achievement for each subject and for each grade

  • The number of all public elementary and secondary school teachers teaching with temporary credentials

  • The percentage of classes in the district not taught by highly qualified teachers (as the term is defined in Section 9101(23) of the ESEA) in the aggregate and disaggregated by school


 RSU #4 has focused on the development and creation of assessments for learning for utilization in the classroom to inform sound instructional strategies. Our principals and teachers have carefully examined each year’s Maine Educational Assessments to determine our strengths and weaknesses in an ongoing attempt to place emphasis on those areas where we recognize improvement is needed. Our teachers have consistently used the M.E.A. released test items in classes to guide and help our students understand the types of questions asked and how rubrics are scored in order to meet the Maine Learning Result Standards.   If at any time a member of the community has a question regarding the information contained in the NCLB Report Card they are encouraged to contact their local school or the RSU #4 NCLB Coordinator:  Andrew Carlton at 207-375-4230.   The NCLB Report cards are located on the RSU #4 website or by requesting them from your local school or the RSU #4 NCLB Coordinator.  Here is a link to the website:




Andrew R. Carlton
Director of C.A.I. RSU #4

NCLB RSU #4 Teacher Standards

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