RSU #4 Shared Vision

Inspiring all learners to achieve future success.

Our Shared Vision:


  • Our students demonstrate mastery of rigorous standards and skills and apply these to effectively solve problems in the school, home, workplace and community.

  • Our students come to school and are met at their current learning level; they are engaged, challenged, successful, empowered and eager to return.

  • Our students learn both within and outside the walls of the classroom, utilizing technology and other tools to learn in different ways and different time frames.

  • Our students advance through a rigorous and relevant curriculum where they are given a voice and choice and become increasingly accountable for their own learning.

  • Our staff members are model learners and collaborative leaders.

  • Our staff, families and community members share responsibility with students for their education.

  • Our students leave our school system with the opportunity to design the future they desire in a world that is yet to be fully imagined.



“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate

themselves throughout their lives.”


- Robert Maynard Hutchins


Approved by School Committee: September 26, 2012
Reviewed by A-Team August 12, 2014