Regional School Unit #4 Guiding Principles

Inspiring all learners to achieve future success.

Guiding Principles



  • Everyone can learn; independent, continuous life-long learning is the goal.

  • Learning happens in different ways and time frames.

  • High expectations based on clear and measurable standards are essential for learning.

  • Successful learning influences esteem, attitude, and motivation.

  • Teaching and learning is future-focused.

  • Decisions are based on research and data.

  • Mistakes play a critical role in learning and perseverance.

  • Curiosity and learning are basic human drives.

  • Learning requires positive and collaborative relationships.

  • Complex thinking and varied, real life experiences are required for success.

  • Formative feedback and self-reflection are necessary for learning.

  • Learning is a shared responsibility among the student, teacher, parent and community.

  • An effective environment for learning is safe, supportive, respectful, and nurturing. 





Approved by School Committee: September 26, 2012

Reviewed by the A-Team August 12, 2014